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The Man Of Steel Is So Very Very Sad Face

So this is the trailer for the upcoming Superman movie entitled Man Of Steel directed by Zack Snyder and written by one of the Nolans. I must say it looks uncannily similar to another dark brooding franchise associated with the Nolans, don’t it? I almost expected Superman to put on eyeliner, start listening to Morrisey and paint the Fortress of Solitude jet black after seeing this trailer (Just like Spiderman!). This teenage angsty superman is definitely a stark contrast to the bright Golden Age roots of the hero, but perhaps a change is welcome in these modern times? Hollywood (in case you’re reading this although I know you’re not, you’re swimming in gigantic pools of cash and the blood of independent filmmakers) I just want to let you know that every single rein-visioning or remake of something does not have to be gritty or edgy to sell tickets. Just letting you know. Sometimes we fall in love with superheroes not for the reality but for the fantasy and impossibilities they represent.


Also, something that distinctly does not jive with me in the trailer is a scene in which a young Clark Kent saves school kids from drowning in a sinking school bus and is later talking to Pa Kent. Pa Kent is a obviously little upset about him exposing his powers to the town and Clark asks “What was I supposed to do? Let them die?”

And Pa Kent says motherfucking Maybe. What the hell? I forgot that part of Pa Kent’s humble wholesome mid-western upbringing where he is completely satisfied with the death of innocent school children.


The movie in terms of cinematography looks gorgeous but so does everything Snyder generally does including Watchmen. And I’m still bitter and not prepared to forgive him for that monstrosity which entirely missed the point.


The Dark Knight Rises And By Dark Knight, I Mean My Weiner

So through some bland viral marketing (bland  in comparison to the innovative and insanely meticulous marketing for The Dark Knight by 42 Studios) the third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has surfaced. And I must say it is pretty awesome.

A few things to note about the trailer:

-Bruce Wayne is kissing Miranda Tate (played by Marion Collard) which in itself is a little strange, considering some on set photos of her which kinda (to me) reveal her identity. Which I will not spoil on here.

-Bane’s voice is cleared up! Yay! Although I never had an issue with his voice in the first place and in comparison to the other actors in the scene, his voice is jarringly loud and clear. Which kinda detracts from it. But then again, it’s fucking Tom Hardy, the man who captured Bronson in my eyes. So it’s all good.

-A kinda crappy CGI shot of the Bat Wing (not pulling your testicle skin taunt, for all you fans of Waiting…out there) which is like a flying version of the Tumbler. It looks kinda eh.

-A shot of a Tumbler in camo (not driven by Batman I assume) shooting at city hall which is interesting considering who was seen coming out of those Tumblers from on set pictures.

-A quick shot of what looks like Bane (sans mask!) throwing a body down a rocky embankment. Does he lose his mask in a scuffle?

-A kick ass shot of Bane tossing a broken Bat Cowl. ‘Nuff Said.

-Lots of revealing Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and John Blake (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt). I can’t stop from thinking that both John Blake and Miranda Tate are not all they are cracked up to be.

-There are a bunch of other little things I noticed and could talk about and nitpick but I’ll let you uber fans out there do it.

I gotta admit, despite some minor grievances the trailer does look pretty neat. The gritty feel along with recurring themes about hope and faith being lost really drives home to a nerd like me that, wow, the Nolan Batman trilogy is really ending with this film. And i truly hope they can send off this take on Batman properly, epic-ally and with a bang.